Life Insurance Claims

How To Collect What Is Rightfully Due For You

It may seem awkward to a lot of people to talk about claiming life insurance especially after a death of a family or relative. But it is necessary, especially if that would be helping the family in the bereavement process and in settling what needs to be claimed.

Who can claim the life insurance?

One can claim life insurance if they are the beneficiary of which, either if you’re a direct family such as dependent children, spouse. Insurance companies are well aware of fraud and experts in detection of one.

So it may seem easy to claim such, still you have to be aware that you must be rightfully and lawfully a recipient of the said claim.

How to claim life insurance?

There must be enough proof of the latter’s passing. Obtain certified copy of death certificate from the concerned government agency, funeral director if a ceremony was done, or if not from the hospital or any facility where the insured had died.

With the needed information, find the policy and the insurance agent to make your life policy claim. Necessary forms would be filled up. For many insurance companies, you have to provide all of them with the death certificate in order to get your life insurance claims processes.

Lastly, with the death certificate, the life insurance claim, and the policy number, then claiming the payment should not be a problem.

In what ways can you get the payment?

Most beneficiaries take a lump sum payment. Simply a check is maid of the total money you are to receive. This would help in immediate funeral expenses as well as immediate needs. Another is to receive the amount equally per year until everything is paid out, you can have the option of having a second beneficiary to receive the remainder of the money in case something will happen to the primary benefactor. This is called specific income. Third option is called Interest income which means you will invest the money on the insurance company, you will only be receiving the interest your money earns but you can name a beneficiary in case you will die.

What to do when you receive the money?

Some opt to get the lump sum of the money and invest them in things they want or on business. However you must ensure that before doing so, all of the deceased debts are already paid off. Next, pay off what you need to settle in order to ensure that you have no existing debt. And the best of all is to spend the benefit money wisely as life insurance claims can change your life and a lot of people aren’t prepared for it.

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